Yardy One-Name Study

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Well at the moment, the 'us' is me - David Skyrme. I welcome feedback on this site, any submission of data and specific enquiries about the Yardy name or your Yardy ancestors. For the latter, see Making An Equiry (below). My contact details are as follows:

Email (preferred): david.skyrme@one-name.org

Telephone: +44 (0) 1635 254151

Cherry Gate
Tubbs Lane
RG20 9PR

Making An Enquiry

As a registered member of the Guild of One-Name Studies there is an obligation to respond to enquiries in a timely and helpful manner. Here is what you need to do, and what you can expect from me:

And here is what you can expect in return:

There may be some occasions - vacations in remote places, illness etc. - where the above timescales cannot be met, but these are generally infrequent.

What you should not expect is:

There may be exceptions to some of the the above guidelines, especially for collaborators on the One-Name study.

We look forward to help you and hope you will be satasified with our service.

If you have course to complain, please do so initially to me and I will see if it can be resolved. You can also take a complaint of non-response to The Guild - see their page Responding to Enquiries

This page last updated 30th December 2016