Yardy One-Name Study

About This Study

The home page gives a general introduction to this study. In this section you will find:

Study Objective

The objective of this study are to research, record and share information on the family histories and historical contexts of people with the name Yardy and its variants world-wide.

Expanding on this statement:


Although initially this as been the work of David Skyrme, it is known that other researchers are investigating their own ancestors who share the name Yardy (and variants). We would like to encourage these researchers to pool their knowledge to enable wider sharing. The Guild of One-Name Studies suggests that an ONS has '7 pillars' These are listed below with the approach currently be adopted or planned:

  1. Data collection: this is ongoing. Typically it starts with investigating a specific family tree, using a variety of sources. As each source is scanned for a particular individual, if other Yardys are found their details are recorded. Data is recorded in a RootsMagic database with copies and scans of source documents held in computer files with a defined folder structure.
  2. Analysis: as data is accumulated, trees are constructed, links between isolated branches proposed and tests are run for consistency. We shall attempt to qualify all data with a degree of validity.
  3. Synthesis: this is where patterns are identified (e.g. on migration and dispersion of family members), hypotheses are made (e.g. on reasons for particular facts, or the root cause of variants) and a picture starts to evolve of particular family groups or Yardys in a given locality.
  4. Responding to Enquiries: this is one of the core responsibilities of Guild members who have registered a surname - our contact page gives more information on how to contact me with an enquiry and the response you can expect.
  5. Publicising the Study: with only a small number of people interested in the Yardys, it is felt that publicisng through The Guild website and creating a website presence will suffice.
  6. Publishing the Findings: the documents section of this website will be the main outlet for publication, though short summaries will be submitted to relevant publications, e.g. Family History Society journals.
  7. Preserving the One-Name Study: data is regularly backed-up; longer-term - as certain milestones are met - key records and outputs will be submitted to The Guild of One-Name Studies archive.

Workplan (updated August 2016)

As always with such studies, a new group of records (e.g. on World War 1), and interesting side branches have meant significant changes from the original workplan. Because I get few Yardy enquiries, compares with Skyrme ones, work on the Yardys has gone on the back burner. Apart from responding to enquiries serious research will resume after competing the next volume in The Skyrmes of Pembrokeshire, probably early 2017. The current workplan iis therefore as follows:

Medium-term (2017)


If more volunteers get involved or if enquiries demand it, these priorities will be changed.

How To Get Involved

If you already have Yardy information you are willing to share, then please send it to me, with details of any qualifications or restrictions on its use. If you are interested in researching a specific aspect or geographic location of the Yardys, then please let me know your interest.

This page last updated 10th August 2016