Yardy One-Name Study


This page will include reports and documents as they are generated during this study. They represent the outputs of research. Original source documents out of copyright or for which we have copyright clearance will be put on the sources page.

Rather than wait until complete sections of research are completed, I shall attempt to upload drafts of work-in-progress once they reach a reasonable state. This will allow readers to feedback additional information or corrections before final publication.


Chapter 4- The Yardys of Whittlesey

The main work-in-progress is preparing a publication "The Yardys of The Fens". At the moment work has nearly finished on two chapters - the Yardys of Glatton and the Yardys of Walpole St. Peter. Chapters 1 (Introduction) and 3 (The Yardys of Whittlesea) have reached a stage of first draft, so rather than wait until the other two chapters are finished Chapter 1 and 3 have now been uploaded. It is a 9-page PDF document (815K). See the news page for the current state of research and output.


These are reports generated from the main database. Currently there are three:

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