Yardy One-Name Study


OK the main surname is Yardy. But who did they marry? In due course I hope to generate a custom report of an indexed list of surnames from my database. In the meantime here is what I can show you:

1. Individual Summary Report

This lists all 409 Yardys in my database as at February 2013 (October - there are now over 500, though some may be duplicates). Caution: this is work in progress and there are bound to be errors and duplicates that have not yet been merged. For each individual you will find key facts by date. These include:

This is a long report (68 pages) and in PDF (2.6Mb) but it does have a place and person index (Yardys only). Although not obvious the page numbers in the index are hyperlinks, so just click on them to go to the designated page. If you are looking for a particular surname, simply use the 'Find' tool in Adobe Reader.

Download the Yardy names report (PDF: 2.6Mb).

2. Birth and Baptism Reports

Just added in October 2013 are:

3. Surnames in Trees

As various descendant trees are published, you can find in the left hand tree menu 'surnames'. Clicking in this gives you an index generated by RootsMagic, the program I currently use as my main database of Yardy information.

Go to Yardy family trees.

This page last updated 10th October 2013